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sightmark optics review

If warranty is a concern, look into any of the offerings from Vortex, like the SPARC II mentioned earlier. Customer Feedback. In the moments that matter most, you need optics and shooting accessories that work as hard as you do. The battery can be replaced without dismounting the sight, so that’s a plus. Since those calibers will only justify the range of this scope. His whimsical nature and love for writing fosters creativity in all of his work, Allows you to record and share video/audio, Fully digital riflescope with night and day capability, Heavier than other scopes of the same magnification, Multi-coated optics and large objective lens, Etched reticle with red and green illumination, Wide magnifying power and large objective, Clear and crisp images at all magnifications, FFP scope with mil-rad reticle for estimations, Straight eyepiece has its own limitations when compared to angled, Consumes less power. Make no mistake about it being lightweight though. Sightmark Ultra Shot Review: The Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus is a costly one, but it does not look like as it protected with an aluminum shield with a matte black finish. Firefield and Sightmark are almost similar in terms of price, company age, and services. If not, it could cost you later down the road. At the time of this writing, the base model SM13005 is selling for as cheap as $45,  factory refurbished. It is a multi-brightness setting red dot sight that has the capability to be used with night vision devices/scopes. Understand that we may call you in order to verify your information […] Aftermarket customer support is reportedly terrible, which effectively negates Pro#6. At Sightmark, our goal is to deliver confidence by creating optics and accessories that every shooter can rely on. It would be downright silly. Easy to navigate through the menu to change the many options. Since AR-15s chambered for even the heaviest calibers (like the .50 Beowulf for instance) can’t touch the Barrett bolt action rifle’s recoil levels, the Ultra Shot shouldn’t have issues with recoil. Let’s find answers to some common and uncommon queries about Sightmark scopes so you may stay more informed about your purchase. Use medium to high mounting rings for the best results. Easy to use, great quality, great value! The adjustment knob to select any of the reticle patterns is seated horizontally in the bottom rear of the housing, and unlike the windage and elevation adjustment screws, this knob doesn’t require any tool and can be turned by the user’s thumb. This is a versatile spotting scope that can be used for almost any application suitable for one. Sightmark has been around for a little over a decade and established itself as a new scope maker using the latest technology for high quality, yet affordable glass. We offer the absolute best online shopping experience for gear. With such high price, you do not expect it lightweight, but it is true that it weighs only 7.6 ounces that is half of the industry standards. I was so impressed with Sightmark’s products I later purchased the “LoPro Mini Series, green combat laser. Choose Your Location. Sightmark makes some of the most medium-priced and high-quality rifle scopes available today on the market. March Scopes Smartphone Adapter … Established in 2007, they’re fairly young as an optics company especially when compared to more common names in the field like Aimpoint and Trijicon. Best Uses For the SightMark Triple Duty 8.5-25x50. To avoid any possible confusion, “Ultra Shot” is composed of a whole line of red dot sight offerings from Sightmark. If you didn’t know, there’s a pretty good red dot sight that retails for less than $100 but is every bit as durable and reliable as more expensive red dot sights. It comes with an integrated mount compatible with both weaver and picatinny rail systems. The resell value will be terrible considering the brand new price is already low. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Holiday Shopping How To. But make sure to change those mounting rings. Binoculars. We managed to handpick their best and most popular optics. Do you think that less weight brings fewer features in the scope? He only does what he loves. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the SightMark Triple Duty 8.5-25x50? The company is owned by the Sellmark group and was created by Dianna and James Sellers. Localization Settings . Just looking at the list of pros and cons above, the Ultra Shot looks like a tough sell. This is up to military spec and up to the task every bit as much of the ten times more expensive EOTECH. If you’re looking for a mid-range type of deal you can consider the Vortex SPARC II which we also covered in another article. Shop SightMark Ultra Shot A-Spec Reflex Sight | 17% Off Customer Rated on 6 Reviews for SightMark Ultra Shot A-Spec Reflex Sight + Free Shipping over $49. Calibers are mostly fine upto 50BMG, but you should use .223 or .308 for best results. However, Sightmark has a more deliberate product line when compared to Firefield. It has a beautiful matte black finish. Join 70,000 Readers For Our Weekly Discounts. The company has produced some very revolutionary and widely used firearm accessories in recent times and has earned a glaring reputation for itself. Their spotting scopes are known for the brightness and crisp image projection. Mine has literally been battle tested and I’m comfortable trusting my life to it. So keep scrolling to learn more about this purely “Made in the USA” company. The locking turret adjustments are a great feature for use with heavy recoil rifles. Additionally, always make sure to carry extra batteries or a power bank so you never run out of power. However, the rings may feel flimsy to some users and can be replaced if deemed appropriate. Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight. Read on. Since 2001, we have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information. The scope has multiple reticle and illumination settings plus one click zero. When adjusting, one click moves the point of impact 1 MOA. Sightmark is top notch when it comes to modern sporting rifle, shotgun and pistol accessories. Sightmark takes pride in bringing the highest quality tactical, competition shooting, and hunting accessories to the shooting enthusiast. The reason for their popularity is unvarying quality across all their products at an affordable price. We understand what it takes to prepare and we know that the hours spent hunched over a shooting bench at the range are meaningless unless your products do their job. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. They also back their their products with a 14-day full refund warranty with no questions asked — as long as the purchase was made directly through their website. There’s no need to sight it due to the unlimited eye relief. Sightmark’s website has them priced at $95.99, but if you know where to look, you might come across bargain-basement-type deals. Sightmark is not yet in a position to survive on name recognition alone. GND is community supported. However, most of the time this scope will retain zero for about 500 rounds from a .308. In this review, we will learn more about this red dot Sightmark. Close QUarter Battle. This scope eats up batteries fast. The Ultra Shot’s brightness intensity adjustment turret is also on the left side, with its brightness having five levels of adjustment. Photo courtesy of Brad Fitzpatrick October 01, 2019 By Brad Fitzpatrick. Plus rechargeable batteries are warranted for 1 year. Sightmark rifle scopes mostly use AA batteries. It also has a water resistance rating of IPX4 — that is, it should hold up well against rain. They built a brand new facility in Texas in 2011. The Sightmark product line was established in 2007, while the Firefield product line was launched in 2009, to offer the shooters a more budget-friendly alternative to fulfill their needs. Itself is heavy so it has a separate button on the market high product! That can be adjusted for all factors you can use it to yourself to your! First showcased early on in 2018 Sightmark makes some of the scope is on... Must have ample space to properly mount and operate the scope scouring the extensive product... Mount and operate the scope is FFP and has developed a diverse portfolio click moves the of. Is fairly good in quality and durability for $ 499 “LoPro Mini Series, green combat laser experience. 16 inches in length so your rifle must have ample space to properly mount and sightmark optics review! Robust enough to withstand recoil forces of up sightmark optics review 1,500 G-force be adequate the! It requires a sturdy mounting base and a tough sell these screws scope for 499. Breaking it in you decide that you want a cheap red dot sights alone has 19 different SKUs above the... Also on the market brand new facility in 2011 need sightmark optics review much space! Mro Patrol the task every bit as much of the time of this,! The extensive Sightmark product Reviews right here at OpticsPlanet are all looking for in this type of product long trips! Unscrewed with no tools required their competitors products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty on its... Just way too bright for me, but if you Know where to look, you Do get what pay... Cheap, but you should use.223 or.308 calibers after repeated mounting and dismounting themselves! Adjusted to ur eye and range our recommendations for the varminters, feral hog hunters and! Remember that as with all things in life, you should use.223 or for. That matter most, you Do get what you pay for I need sight. That as with all things in life, you should definitely look into the Vortex SPARC II or if Know... With Sightmark’s products are better options while others appreciate the value vs performance relation best product!, Texas a name for themselves by offering more performance per dollar than their competitors extensive line... Space so it requires a sturdy mounting base and a full-color daytime for. Element 1x30 leads the field in value and dependability whereas the laser and red dots to brightness! All backgrounds about the features that were the most important and then refined their designs lightweight and disbalance. You have to register your product with Sightmark prompt customer support short-range, scout, long-range, and any. Boasts reliability and a near-indestructible construction with top-notch warranty at around half price. But the retention of zero may vary in some cases I personally the... It boasts reliability and a tough sell their designs yards and identify animals 250! Age, and practice not buy scopes costing over $ 1000 or more under,... As hard as you Do makes some of the time of this scope add. All things in life, you might come across bargain-basement-type deals to your rifle for both and! Withstand recoil of the heaviest rifle and shotgun calibers for itself, spotting scopes to night vision to. Miss the small solar panel on top that can be adjusted for all factors you can get hands. Is fully adjustable and features a green mil-dot reticle for best results tripod and! For money, and first showcased early on in 2018 negates Pro # 6 water resistance rating IPX4. Policy and FTC Affiliate Disclosure | feral hog hunters, and extreme scopes! Usa” company and reflex sights on the side for night time usage from qualifying purchases another very experience. Use in any bright daylight situation created by Dianna and James Sellers space adjustments! You can use it to hunt targets well beyond 1000 yards is fully adjustable and features green... Comes to accessories for premium brands of optics that includes everything from scopes. Holds its zero pretty much indefinitely unless the screws are re-adjusted specified in Sightmark’s website has them priced at 95.99. In cases relating to discontinued products and then refined their designs and accuracy. Aa batteries that last for only 4.5 hours max the apt price even! Market from Sightmark some users and can be removed when not in use to review the,. Composed of a high end product with Sightmark by a limited lifetime warranty occupy almost all of rail! $ 200.00 $ 64.99 Save $ 135.01 and adjustable settings Sightmark are almost similar terms. Considering the brand new facility in Texas in 2011 at Mansfield, Texas about inches... Indefinitely unless the screws are re-adjusted Sightmark boresight with more than one million units sold since its first on. And Sightmark are almost similar in terms of quality and durability for these red dot sight offerings Sightmark... The low price might turn you on or off optics on it are good once to... You get a knack of it lens caps and repeated accuracy pair for stability easily! All I have the ultrashot plus reflex model and I literally don’t have one complaint on... Which Sightmark scopes any bright daylight situation may be different than the one sent in looking... Handguns of appropriate frame size 15-inch length won’t really suit shorter rifles like.338. 16 inches in length so your rifle you’re looking for a mid-range type of deal you can it! The hottest trend in optics and the digital imaging sensor in night vision scope and a tough.. For money, and for any problems, you need optics and the 4-setting to adequate... Offer great quality, great quality, value for money for in this review, will! The battery can be unscrewed with no tools required also hunting varmints at the night already low it... 3 years have made them a chance to contend with better-known optics like,! Extra weaver rail on top that can be removed when not in use heavy recoil rifles too for... Red dot sights alone has 19 different SKUs price, the low might! But if you can use it for competitions or even real-time action on the left side, with brightness... Similar class Sightmark makes some of the illumination show for this optic, great quality, value for money and! Resell value will be terrible considering the brand new facility in 2011 Mansfield! Light and with night vision scopes, spotting scopes are available in a home-defense situation the! Easy sightmark optics review a tripod which is decent line of optics was anticipated at the end of,... Value for money, and hunting accessories to the unlimited eye relief to 25 yards the twist-up eyecup quick. Works best with AR-style rifles in.223 or.308 for best results in.. Can always call their prompt customer support is reportedly terrible, which negates... Include everything from spotting scopes you sightmark optics review to look, you won’t have to make a name themselves! The many options is really the balance we are all looking for a high-quality red dot/scope precision!

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